Pallar / Strön / Truckunderlag




Alla typer av specialpall, truckunderlägg, strön.
Vi är godkända av jordbruksverket för märkning av träemballageprodukter enligt FAO:s standard ISPM 15.

This is to certify that Lundquist Såg & Hyvler AB may use the mark below on their production of wood packaging made from debarked wood that has been heat treated by kiln drying.

This approval means that the company's production of wood packaging materials fulfils the requirements of treatment and marking laid down in the FAO standard ISPM 15.

The company's official registration number at the Swedish Board of Agriculture is SE-AC7068.

The conditions for approval are stated in Swedish Regulation (SJVFS 2004:53) on heat treatment, kiln drying and marking of sawn wood, wood packaging materials etc. This regulation and further information is available on This website includes listing of approved companies.